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Parade of Homes 2

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John Howland Wood Mansion

The Major John Howland Wood Mansion (map item 5) stands on a bluff overlooking Copano Bay in Bayside, which was once called Black Point. The house was built in 1875 of Florida long-leaf pine. Timbers for the large, two-story, classic revival structure came by sailing vessel from Florida. The two porches or galleries in front, supported by tall columns with classic entablatures, mark it as Greek or Colonial revival. There is a widow's walk or gallery on the rooftop. Open fireplaces exist on both sides of the house and on both floors.

Furnishing for the home came by schooner from the east and provided a fine setting for the weddings the the Woods' daughters all of whose weddings took place there.

The house later became known as Cook's Hotel in Bayside and was a popular resort of bay area residents.


The Frank Booth Rooke House

Alongside hwy 77, 2 1/2 miles south of Refugio, stands the Frank Booth Rooke House. The house is a three story building built in the Victorian style 1n 1905. From the widow's walk on the roof  one can see nearby Refugio and Woodsboro. Access is gained by pulling out a hidden stairway.

Another unique feature of the house is that there are two closets, one on the first floor and one on the third which are accessible through two adjacent rooms. There are seven fireplaces, a living room, sitting room, dinning room, den, game room, billiards room, four bedrooms, four baths, and various other rooms. Some of the windows are stained glass

The house remains much as it was during Mrs. Rooke's tenure with the exception of the addition of an elevator in the 1930's. It has remained unoccupied since her death in 1944.


The Philip Power House

The Power House (map item 81 ) was built for Philip Power (younger son of empresario, James Power) in 1888. Square nails were used  in the construction of the house. Cypress used in building the paling fence around the house was brought in sailing ships from New Orleans. Located at the corner of Empresario and Alamo streets, It is one of the first sites to greet visitors as they enter Refugio from the south.

The floor plan of the seven-room, two story structure has not been changed, but the southeast porch on the second floor in the rear has been enclosed and electricity has replaced kerosene lamps, along with the addition of other modern conveniences.

Originally occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Philip Power until their deaths in the 1930's and then by their son John J. Power who never married, it finally became the home of nephew Wallace Shay in 1957.

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