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Parade of Homes

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West-Linney House

One of the most unique houses built in Refugio (403 East North St) (map item 88) is the Agnes West home. This house, built in 1910, was first occupied by Mrs. Agnes West, a daughter of Johanna Whelan and John Thomas O'Brien.

This Colonial Revival Style house became popular in Texas from 1900 until World War I. Following the Victorian era in houses in America, it had been introduced in Eastern cities in the 1880's.

The main entry and major axis of the house are distinguished on the exterior by four Ionic two-story columns topped by a large pediment. The side entry and secondary axis of the house are distinguished in the exterior by two Ionic two-story columns topped by a smaller pediment. Not only do these two-stored columned areas denote the entries, they also express the axis of the interior. Current owners are Mr & Mrs. Vincent Linney.

The "Balleygarrett"

The Woodworth house (map item 89 ) is more commonly called "The BalleyGarrett" for the town in Wexford, Ireland from which many of Irish colonists came to Refugio. The house was built of long leaf pine in 1900 as a one-story house. The lumber was hauled by horse-drawn cart from the nearby seaport of St. Mary's. In 1907 a second story, with the same floor plan as the first, and a back section, on the ground floor, were added.

The stairway to the second story is partially framed in grillwork with a handrail and spindle posts on one side. Ceiling upstairs are 12 1/2' and 13 1/2' down-stairs.

The house was built for Mr. and Mrs. Louis Henry Woodworth. She was the a granddaughter of James Power, Texas Irish Empresario, who colonized Refugio County in 1834. Power was also a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Oak Lawn

Triginal owners of this home were Allen and Martha Heard.They came to Refugio County around 1850 from Alabama. This home was originally just south of the town of Refugio and was built in the 1850's. In 1900 it was moved in sections to its present location (east end of Ymbacion St. in Refugio map item 80 ). Mr. J.F.B. Heard (a son) planted oaks around the home; thus, the name Oak Lawn was given after his death.

The house was built in the Greek Revival Style which later developed into the Southern Colonial style. Oak beams used in the construction were brought from Portsmouth, England while cypress planking was brought from Georgia and Louisiana. The large entrance hall is paneled in wide-board, beveled wainscoting about three feet high. The front door has large, diamond-shaped, leaded glass panels on both sides. Wainscoting is carried up the banistered stairway to the second floor and is also in the dining room.

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