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Address 401 Swift St
CountryUnited States

Refugio Nursing & Rehab

Care, Compassion, and Quality of Life…
These are the words taken very seriously at Mission Ridge Nursing & Rehabilitation (map item 44). The primary goal is to give residents all that is needed to achieve the highest quality of life possible in a home-like atmosphere.

Hospital to Home...
When transitioning from hospital to home, many individuals benefit from a short stay in a skilled nursing facility. An interdisciplinary care team of health care experts including occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, dietitians, recreational therapists and licensed social workers develop a plan of care that addresses care needs to meet the goals as quickly as possible and expedite the return home.

The in-house rehabilitation team is available to design a program specifically to meet the needs of each resident. Unlike acute rehabilitation centers, Mission Ridge does not require that residents be able to tolerate a minimum of three hours of therapy per week. Residents are allowed to enter a rehab program at his/her physical level and increase that level of therapy until the full potential of the patient is reached. In addition to traditional rehab methods, the Mission Ridge rehab team utilizes some of the most modern technology to address the complex needs of residents with neurological and musculosketal conditions.


Long-Term Care...
When in-home care or assisted living is no longer enough, 24-hour care may be necessary for those with chronic needs. The staff is available to provide general nursing care and assistance with daily living activities while maintaining dignity of life.

Respite (Vacation) Care...
When a care giver needs a temporary break, Mission Ridge offers relief by providing room, board, medication management, and supervision to those who are in their care. These stays may be as short as 3 days or as long as month.


The Care Team...

The Care Team program is designed to promote close, one-to-one caring by department managers. Upon admission, each new resident will be assigned a Care Team Member. The Care Team Member will serve as a family and resident advocate in addition to being a “customer service agent” on behalf of the health care facility… It is the desire of Mission Ridge to meet and exceed all expectations of the customers.


Recreational and Social Events :
Group exercise
Religious services
Weekly socials


Gastrci tube Management

Post-surgical services

Skilled observation, assessment and care

Wound care

Physical therapy

Occupation therapy

Speach/language therapy

Family atmosphere
Free cable TV
Houskeeping and laundry
Barber/Beauty shop on-site
Secure unit


401 Swift St.; Refugio, Tx 78377           Phone: 361 526-9223            Fax: 361 526-2736

Current LocationRefugio, US
Mission Ridge Nursing& Rehab
_Mission Ridge Nursing& Rehab
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