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TitleRabies Drive
Place nameRefugio City Hall
Date startSaturday, April 07 2018 10:00am (198 Days Ago)
Date endSaturday, April 07 2018 12:00pm (198 Days Ago)

Rabies Drive

Refugio City Hall Saturday, April 7th 10 am - 12 noon

$10.00 Rabies

Pets must be at least 3 months old to recieve a rabies vaccination.

State law also requires a rabies vaccination two years in a row before

the pet is eligible for the 3 year program. Please call Dr. Lois at

(361) 275-4302 or Goliad Animal Clinic at (361) 645-3506 if

you have any questions.


City residents will be asked to renew their pet tags for 2018:

Refugio City Tags are $2.50 per spayed/neutered pet

and $5.00 if pet is not spayed/neautered

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